Just When You Think We've Lost the Next Generation

You learn about a high school student intrigued by manufacturing since middle school, excelling at his studies, being admitted early into an innovative new manufacturing program and now evangelizing about the trade. Colin Nyseth took it upon himself to reach out to Governor Scott Walker and invite him to visit his school to see the successful shop and business model that has kids getting excited about manufacturing.


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Colin Nyseth's school is Cardinal Manufacturing, an innovative program at Eleva-Strum Central High School in Strum, Wisc. started by instructor Craig Cegielski. 

Following is Colin's letter to Governor Scott Walker. And to let you know, it worked! Governor Walker visited Cardinal on March 14th.

"I am a student at Eleva-Strum high school and I heard that the governor was going to be in our area at the end of February and I was wondering if he could swing by are school and check out our Cardinal Manufacturing Program. Our school is about a 15 miles south of Eau Claire. Cardinal manufacturing is a student run business that is operated completely by students. They have machinists, welders, and even an office manager to take care of the billing and paperwork. I think our teacher deserves a lot of credit for coming up with the idea. It has taken him a lot of hard work and dedication to build the program to where it is today. He works very closely with local businesses to get work for us to do. Also he has worked with them to donate a lot of our machines. Today cardinal manufacturing is self funded which means that we actually make money and the kids in that class can even take home some money at the end of the year. Now you may be wondering how students get into this class? You have to take metal working 1&2, then you have to create a resume and apply for Cardinal Manufacturing. So in other words they take the best, and most qualified kids. He is also teaching them how to create a resume and is getting kids ready to work in the industry, and further education. I hope that he could find time in his busy schedule to stop and take a tour of our shop, Mr. Cegielski would love to show you around. If this time does not work out please contact me if he would be interested in setting up another time." 

You can hear more about Cardinal Manufacturing from founder Craig Cegielski when he speaks on Driving the Next Generation Skilled Workforce at panel during amerimold in Novi, Mich. on June 11th. Register today!