Just a Few Words on Why and How We Work Through COVID-19

This mold component supplier shares its reasons for continuing to work and steps for ensuring your business remains open and operating at normal levels.


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When I am asked, “Why are you going to work every day, seeing some customers and possibly bringing this virus home?” My answer is simple, “Many of our shops are making medical device tooling and we are their major supplier, so without our products and prompt service these tools may be delayed or possibly not made,” Mike Hicks, Director of Sales DMS, DIEMOULD SERVICES Canada says.

  1. Have a very good health and safety policy in place and enforce it. Ensure that all employees have a copy and follow it.
  2. Build (or consider building) some medical-related molds, equipment etc., as this work is deemed essential. This essential work will help ease the minds of friends, neighbors and families wondering why they are working as most people are being told to remain home. In March the local development commission put out all the information needed to get your shop on the medical build list on Canada to prepare for that type of work, and anyone who read it and applied it are in a good position. The advice is to put yourself out there to take advantage of opportunities. Be aware and be aggressive. [For example, consider joining our Sourcing Assistance Program].

“Once DMS staff found out that our customers were making medical molds there was an extra bounce in their step,” Hicks says.

The next question is, how long with this quick-build medical work continue and where do mold builders and suppliers fit into any opportunities. CAMM is meeting weekly with other industry groups as well as government officials to get regular updates on what is needed. CAMM is also surveying its membership weekly to monitor the state of mold building in Canada.

The light at the end of the tunnel is a future where medical product and equipment manufacturing returns home to North America.


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