It’s Worth the Time!

What if I told you that at your fingertips is an opportunity to get a free advertising program in Plastics Technology magazine to market your products and services.


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What if I told you that at your fingertips is an opportunity to get a free advertising program in Plastics Technology magazine to market your products and services to 32,360 molding subscribers at 12,847 molding facilities; a free expanded showroom on www.PTonline.com, a full feature cover story on your shop in MoldMaking Technology magazine; exposure for your company in MMT and PT booth space at MME in 2009; high visibility within the MME technical conference program; an invitation to sit on MMT’s Editorial Advisory Board; and, two complimentary full MME ‘09 conference registrations?

Well, I would hope you’d say, “Sign me up!”

It turns out that all of these opportunities are available to you—EVERY year—through our Leadtime Leader Awards Competition. All you have to do is a little homework to gather the information we request on our Nomination Form (visit www.moldmakingtechnology.com/awards to enter online).

To entice you a little more, I’ve included some comments on the value of entering and winning this Award directly from the mouths of your peers—last year’s winners:

“Winning the Award further validates the processes and procedures we implemented to compete with the emerging world market in tooling. This illustrates the fact that Commercial Tool cannot only compete in this new world market, we also can manage blended programs (domestic and world tooling) for our customers.”—Mike Monje, CTD Engineering Manager

“It will help spread the word about Commercial Tool & Die. It also will help as a sales tool used to bring in work where timing may be critical; we can use the [Leadtime Leader Award] as a tool to show current and potential customers that we deliver a great product in a timely fashion.”—Brad Thomas, CTD Project Engineer

“Winning the Leadtime Leader Award this year is particularly important to me in light of the changes we made within our organization this past year, when faced with the adversity and business challenges we did. Staff reductions, increased sales, and on-time delivery performance increases are typically not expected concurrently, but it happened here and I am very proud of our guys. It speaks to the strengths and quality of the individuals we have working for Extreme Tool, and I am proud of every one of them and this award for them. On-time delivery is a key performance indicator for our company, so being recognized by MoldMaknig Technology magazine as a Leadtime Leader is greatly appreciated. Our customers appreciate execution as well, and I am convinced our business growth is a direct reflection of the performance of this organization.” —Mike Zacharias, President, Extreme Tool and Engineering
Next year will mark the 8th year of these Awards, and as we do our research on the shops in our ongoing profile series, Sherry and I have discovered that there is a wealth of shops out there worthy of this Award. We hope those who have not yet entered this competition will reconsider and throw their hats in the ring. There is still time! If you have any questions feel free to call me at (800) 579-8809 or e-mail cfuges@gardnerweb.com; otherwise take the time and nominate your shop!

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