Innovations for the Toolroom: ToolingDocs Custom Maintenance Bench

ToolingDocs, a leading authority on mold maintenance and training, is adding its custom-designed mold maintenance benches to its unique line of products.


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ToolingDocs added its custom-designed mold maintenance benches to its unique line of products,which was in the booth on display at NPE.

“Since we first opened our Maintenance Training Center in Ashland, OH, we’ve received many compliments and inquiries about how to purchase our custom maintenance benches,” says Operations Manager Steve Johnson. “We designed the benches based on years of personal experience in the toolroom, and we’ve preached the advantages of having a well-equipped work area and bench – not the least of which is increased efficiency and cost savings. Now we’re making these benches available to anyone who wants to adopt best practices and advance their toolroom.”

These Maintenance Benches come optimized for mold assembly/disassembly with the following features:

  • Convenient working height
  • Shelf for storage
  • 3’ x 12’ working area with 5/8” thick, Blanchard Ground steel work surface for smooth and easy positioning of mold plates
  • Radiused corners on legs to reduce knee injuries
  • All welded construction.
  • The ToolingDocs Bench can be further fitted with a Tool Storage Unit that fits under one section of the bench and is pre-drilled with holes and repositionable aluminum pegs for flexible, organized and convenient storage of tools used every day.

Other options include:

  • Water Manifold and Flowmeter – Allows quick connections for mold water testing at the bench vs. in the press, plus convenient drain feature provides cleaner, more efficient drainage
  • Air Manifold – Convenient connection of air tools with hooks to hold hoses on each side of the bench
  • Electrical Outlets – Two outlets can be installed centrally on either side of the bench and routed under it to provide easy access yet minimize obstructions


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