In Their Own Words: WCTC Moldmaking Class of 2013

Stories in order beginning with student in front row (kneeling) from left to right: 


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"My name is Jayson Keuler. I am in the 4th semester of the Tool and Die program at WCTC. I decided to enroll into the program because I enjoyed and excelled in the Manufacturing classes that I had taken in high school. I am looking forward to graduation and starting my career in this field."   Jayson

"I am enrolled in the two year Tool and Die program. I am currently in my third semester. I finished the first year and received a separate degree for Machine Tool Operation with a 3.97 GPA and hope to do as well this year. I signed up for this trade because I enjoy and am good at math. I also like working with my hands because it makes time go by quickly. I am interested in a good solid career that I can work in for the next 40 years with good pay allowing me to live comfortably. So far I have enjoyed what I have done and am looking forward to what I am going to learn and be able to do in the future. The teachers at WCTC are very knowledgeable and are always willing to help, making learning much easier and enjoyable." Nate Weihert

"I'm a 3rd semester student in the Tool & Die program. I got into the program because I really like working with my hands. The idea of being able to create things from a solid chunk of metal intrigued me, and I wanted to pursue that career field. All the teachers at WCTC have been a great help in teaching us all we need to know, and really helped inspire me to further my education in this applied technology program. I'm really looking forward to learning more about mold making, and hopefully becoming an apprentice soon." Tony Congemi

"I decided to go in this trade because I have always liked to make things. This trade gives you the knowledge to do that. The instructors are really great here at WCTC and are committed to helping you really learn the trade. The mold making aspect of the trade appeals to me because of the many different products you make and the complexity of them. I still have a long way to go in the trade but have enjoyed it all so far." John Tuncel

Back row (standing) left to right:

"I'm a third semester tool and die student. I want to first thank you for the t shirts that you have given us, they are greatly appreciated. The tool and die trade is one that has been overlooked for the last couple years. In high school they put it in your head that you need to go to a four year college and get a degree. However after taking the tour at Waukesha County Technical College (WCTC) I got a preview of what moldmakers do for a living and wanted to be a part of it. They are very underappreciated from day to day living.  Most of the things we use today have a link back to the moldmaking community and we take it for granted.  I've always wanted to make a difference in the world when I got older.  At the same time I always enjoyed working with my hands and thinking a lot when I do it. So after I took the tour here I knew this was for me. From that day forward I thought it would be pretty cool if I was walking through the store and saw a product and said "I helped make that, I made a difference. Once again I would like to thank you for the shirts and taking time out to better the learning experience here at WCTC." Greg Becker  

"I'm currently enrolled in Tool and Die program in my third semester. I chose this career path out of high school because I heard about the great benefits and satisfaction that comes with being in this industry and how rewarding it is.  While at school at WCTC I felt the need to get a job that helped me progress in school so I applied to Krueger Bearings and got the job.  While working there I'm gaining more knowledge and the necessary skills needed to become a better machinist/toolmaker.  By having school and work together I'm able to use the skills I learn at school and apply them at work. While at WCTC I've learned so much and have gained knowledge that will last a lifetime. My goal is to graduate next spring and get a job in a Tool and Die shop as an apprentice and start my career."  Luke Skudlarczyk
"I am in the 2013 moldmaking class at WCTC, and in my third semester in the tool and die program. I have returned to school after working in various fields, none of which have been very fulfilling. I enjoy working with my hands and mind. I hope to finish an apprenticeship and enjoy a career in this very exciting field." Dennis Reinhardt

"I am currently enrolled in the Tool and Die program at Waukesha County Technical College and am in my final semester which centers on the mold making discipline. I chose to go to college in order to secure my future and the future of my family and decided, after much research, that Tool and Die making would best suit my interest as well as my bank account. I am definitely a "hands-on" type of person and enjoy being creative.  Tool making, in a sense, is an art and a toolmaker constantly uses his or her hands.  But that wasn't the only motivator.  Tool and die makers are highly paid and in very high demand.  The demand for tool and die makers will increase significantly and the supply will drop dramatically by 2014.  I like that I will have security in a field with great benefits and great financial stability.

"I am a veteran of the US Army with 3 tours in Iraq. When I returned from active duty I found the job market to be slim with my current skills. I was looking to continue my education to something more civilian friendly and decided to try my hand at machinist. When I first started the class I could not read a micrometer. During my third semester I was awarded the "Tools to Succeed" Kennedy toolbox from the Tool Die & Machining Association of Wisconsin and MSC. I continue to work hard to be a leader among my peers. I hope to improve on my capabilities and I'm really looking forward to Mold Making to help me with the decision of what field of tool and die to follow."   Charles P. Robel

"This will be my final semester of the Tool and Die program at WCTC. I had studied CAD/Design many years ago after high school but never finished. After working in the construction industry for 15 years I returned to school. As a returning student I have found the instructors and program to be very challenging and rewarding at the same time. I am looking forward to graduating in December and re-entering the work force in the mold making field." Jon Seebeck

"I am currently in my last semester of the Tool and Die program at WCTC. I am changing careers from Graphic/Industrial Design to the Machine Tool Trade.  My previous experience in 3-D modeling and visualization has been very helpful in building die components and constructing assemblies in SolidWorks. Previously-acquired problem solving skills have been helpful in solving machining challenges in the shop.  I feel the additional skills I have acquired at WCTC will be instrumental in gaining meaningful employment in this tough economy." Greg Gronemus

"I decided to go into tool and die because I love to work with my hands. After a lot of research I decided on tool and die because almost everything we use starts out in a mold or a die.  I love starting out with the raw material and ending up with a finished product. I hope to become a journeyman toolmaker and work in a shop doing what I love." Ian Weiberg

"I decided to go into moldmaking because I knew I wanted to be in a skilled trade because I like working with my hands and I like being in a shop and moving around. I originally did not know which trade I wanted to go into. I knew I should go to WCTC because I heard it was a good school and I live nearby. I first went into the Facilities Maintenance program because they have a lot of variety and you learn a little bit about every trade. In one of the classes there we had a project where we had to make can crushers out of metal using drill presses. And I enjoyed working on it so much that I decided to go into the Machine Tool Operation Program. I was just going to do the one year but then I ended up doing a lot better than I thought and I decided to do tool and die." Peter