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You can tell a lot about what is on your readers' minds by what they look up, read, or watch. So in case, you missed it, here are some of the more popular articles published across MoldMaking Technology in print, online and across our social media changes last year.

I believe this list indicates topics that you would like us to continue covering in 2021, in addition to giving you a taste of topics outside of the norm for the MMT brand, but for which there has been growing interest, especially when it comes to diversification. For example, tooling trends and challenges in liquid silicone rubber molding, die casting and metal injection molding are topics indicating increasing interest, to name a few:

Most Viewed Content

  1. Moldmaker and Steel Supplier Stand and Deliver during Coronavirus Outbreak
  2. Using Teamwork and Attention to Detail to Tackle Complexity
  3. How to Improve the Flow of Mold Repair and Engineering Changes
  4. Michigan Mold Builder Gets Busines Savvy and Adds Vibration and Hot Plate Welding Services
  5. ALERT: An Unintended COVID Consequence
  6. Achieving Flexible Capacity with Automation
  7. Looking for Illinois Manufacturers to Help Produce N95 Masks, Gowns and Face Shields
  8. A Truly "Coronavirus" Collaborative Effort Puts Moldmaking, Manufacturing in the Spotlight
  9. Mold Builder Looks for Opportunity: Leverages Network to Take on Challenges from Coronavirus
  10. COVID-19 Is a Rallying Call to the Plastics Industry to Redesign, Refocus and Reshore

Some of this content was delivered via our new MMT Chats, which is a series of industry-focused video conversations. During each episode, I conduct a brief, casual, but insightful discussion with leading moldmaking professionals about technology solutions, business strategies and industry trends. My signoff for each video is "Stay Informed and Inspired with MMT Chats," and I hope they live up to that. Here is a list of the most-viewed Chats so far:

  1. Cavalier Tool & Manufacturing Amped Up
  2. Austrian Mold Builder Talks Reusable Masks, Motivation and Digital Molds
  3. The Power of People and a Plan - 2020 Leadtime Leader Precise Tooling Solutions
  4. Liberty Molds Talks Respirators, Reshoring and Recommendations
  5. The Science of Moldmaking, Part 1

MMT Chats will continue this year (just reach out to me if you are interested in being a guest), but in 2021 we're also presenting a special MMT Chat series called MMT Chats 5 in 5. This is a rapid-fire Q&A that delivers five best practices in five minutes on ways to improve efficiencies with technology, workforce development and business management. In this series, I ask the following five questions:

  1. How do you create and maintain an employee-centered culture?
  2. What are your top three best technology investments/recommendations, and why?
  3. What is your latest process improvement?
  4. How do you measure success/metrics?
  5. How do you stay competitive/take advantage of new business opportunities?

All of these video interviews can be found on the homepage under MMT Chats or our YouTube channel. 

Take some time this year to watch, listen and learn!