IMTS: The Need for Speed

High-efficiency and five-axis machining are essential for gaining speed and accuracy in machining operations today. To drive that point home Delcam has set up a dedicated test drive area in its IMTS booth where visitors are shown key features of its CAM software in 30 seconds, highlighting just how fast the software is.
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One of the major highlights so far this week is Delcam’s Vortex high-efficiency area clearance strategy. Delcam (Windsor, Ontario, Canada; Booth E-3222) reports up to a 70-percent increase in Vortex roughing speed, depending on variables such as cutting tools, material and machine tool. Following its initial introduction in PowerMILL, Vortex has been added to FeatureCAM, PartMaker and Delcam for SolidWorks CAM systems. The latest enhancement is in the ordering of toolpaths to minimize lifts and air moves, which increases overall efficiency.  Visitors can see Vortex as well as a number of high-speed and high-efficiency strategies for five-axis in PowerMILL, Featurecam and PartMaker.

Continuing the speed theme, Delcam is also excited to share details about its sponsorship of the Bloodhound SSC (SuperSonic Car) adventure, a project whose goal is to set a land speed record by creating a vehicle capable of 1,000 mph in summer 2016 in South Africa. Visitors have a chance to experience the extreme sport through the Bloodhound simulator.

Delcam supported the project with its manufacturing software and expertise, and also produced vehicle components. Delcam partnered with the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Center with Boeing (AMRC) to manufacture the front suspension sub-assembly using Delcam PowerMILL’s Vortex machining strategy.  It produced vehicle components in its Advanced Manufacturing Facility at its Birmingham headquarters.

Visitors can see some of the parts, such as the steering support column, on display in the booth. Delcam Professional Services manufactured the steering support column that ensures the car remains on track during its world land speed record attempt. It was produced on a Hermle C50 UMT machining center.