How to Develop Successful Web Marketing

Web marketing is one of the most dynamic and powerful ways to market your mold manufacturing facility; however, with so many options available to choose from—making the process confusing—you need to investigate and select wisely which tactics to embrace.
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Use these seven tips to hone in on Web marketing strategies that will work within your mold manufacturing environment:

1. Evaluate your Web site to make sure it’s user-friendly and current. Double-check to see how easy it is to use or better yet, ask a customer to check it for you. Criteria should include: ease of navigation, information depth on the site, information about you and the company, easy forms to fill out, lots of great pictures and no long blocks of copy.

2. Give a free offering to prospects signing up on your Web site. Your prospects love free information, so offer a product demo CD or repackage the latest industry research.

3. Include your e-newsletter sign-up everywhere. You do have an e-newsletter, don’t you? It’s the greatest way to communicate with your buyers. It’s easy and fast to create one and you don’t have any printing or postage costs.

4. Start blogging. A blog is a two-way communication: you write; your customers write back in the form of comments. You comment on their comments and the whole world sees the conversation and can get involved. Blogs are easy to set up (wordpress.com is my favorite) and everyone in your company can help.

5. Use teleconferencing and webinars to get closer to your customer. Nothing beats actually talking with your customers. There’s nothing like the power of the human voice to persuade and influence a buyer. Set up a teleconference to interview one of your customers and invite everyone else to listen and ask questions.

6. Create an automated presentation so your message has some pizzazz. Creating an automated presentation is like taking your Power Point sales presentation and putting it on steroids. Add music and a voice over and it runs itself. Put it on your web site, e-mail the link to buyers and your message will stick. It’s the easiest way to start a sale.

7. Measure everything you do. You can do this by tracking who visits your Web site, reads your e-newsletter, reads and comments on your blog, participates in your teleconference and views your automated presentation. You will see a return on your marketing dollars like never before.

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