How To Choose the Correct Coating for Your Cutting Tools

As if choosing the right cutting tool for certain jobs wasn't difficult enough, choosing the right coating for that tool can be just as imporatant. These tips can make that decision easier.

The right type of coating chosen for drills, endmills and taps can save the machinist both time and trouble with a project. However, making the wrong decision may mean decreased lubricity, excessive wear on tools, shorter tool life and more downtime of machines while sharpening the tools.

The right coating will provide greater performance and productivity, but certain coatings cost more, and spending the extra dollars may or may not be necessary, depending on the type of job. Following these guidelines will help you choose the right coating for the job.

Coated drills, endmills and taps are carried by a variety of brand-name manufacturers. Contact your supplier for technical information, including recommendations about coatings. They may even be able to coat cutting tools to the customer's specifications.

Tip provided by Travers Tool (Flushing, NY). They can be reached at (800) 221-0270.

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