Hot Runner Solutions



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Synventive Molding Solutions displayed its latest hot runner system technologies featuring several new products. Three main areas of focus were automotive hot runner systems, Advanced Flow Control hot runner systems and Plug’n Play hot runner systems.

Prominent in its booth was the company’s new systems specifically designed for automotive lighting applications. Typical applications are the molding of lenses used on the front and rear exterior of vehicles.

Additionally, the company featured its Advanced Flow Control hot runner systems in its booth, all designed to provide molders with more control over the molding process to produce parts with higher quality surface finishes. These systems include:

-eGate®, an electronically controlled system that can control and regulate up to 64 valves individually. eGate takes valve gate hot runner molding to the next level by precisely controlling each valve pin’s position, speed, acceleration and stroke, offering unmatched precision, the company states. Synventive and its partners will demonstrate eGate systems in operation at NPE.

-SynFlow®, a flow regulation technology that controls hydraulic valve gate opening and closing, both the velocity and stroke of each valve pin in the hot runner system, to achieve the optimum flow and melt pressure at each gate.

-Dynamic Feed®, a proven solution in the field on hundreds of applications, the compnay notes. Dynamic Feed integrates online melt pressure control in the hot runner system to control each nozzle in the injection and hold pressure phases, providing a system where each individual gate operates as if it has its own injection unit.

The Plug ’n Play® hot runner systems are fully pre-assembled and pre-tested prior to shipment, providing fast, easy installation for moldmakers. They are designed for easy assembly, disassembly and serviceability.

Designed for robust performance and process stability, these systems also feature Synventive’s threaded nozzles for leakproof operation. They feature excellent temperature uniformity and are well suited for virtually all molding applications, according to the company.

The Synventive 09e Plug ‘n Play® hot runner nozzle will be introduced at NPE.  This latest addition to the Plug ‘n Play® nozzle line features a 9mm flow bore, and is designed for medium-size parts, with shot weights of up to 250g per nozzle. It is available with a wide variety of tip styles to suit each specific part application.

Synventive also showcased numerous part applications in key markets including the premium consumer and electronics categories.