Height Gage



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Suburban Tool, Inc is pleased to release their newest product offering, the Master Height™ line of Height Gages. This height gage is available in three different sizes (450, 600 & 1,000 mm) and two different repeatability/error ranges, the Magna (M designator) with magnetic scales and the Ultra (U designator) with glass scales.
The Master Height™ line offers a state-of-the-art readout with soft-touch keyboard, swivel adjustment and user-friendly graphics, both USB and RS232 ports for data transfer to PC or printer, motorized and manual movements with rapid jog, air bearing cushion with built-in air pump, multiple reference points, optional printer attachment, millimeter/inch conversion feature, SPC capabilities, 1000-step memory and 2-D capabilities. The Master Height™ can also be used as a “go/no go” gauge and can provide a quick manual squareness measurement. The Master Height™ gage is CE approved.