Heavy Hogging, Fine Finishing, Single Machine

This shop has not only added capability to machine larger molds than ever before, it’s also eliminated the necessity of trade-offs between power and precision.


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Even larger molds often require fine, intricate cutting. With the Kitamura Bridgecenter-8F, EVCO Plastics doesn’t have to turn to a separate machine for this work.

Given that mold building is one of five “keys to success” at EVCO Plastics, a plastic injection molder with facilities around the globe, the company strives to do as much work in-house as possible. That’s why, when the timing was right, it didn’t hesitate to equip its headquarters facility toolroom to manufacture and repair molds fitting its largest presses, some of which range in capacity to 3,500 tons.

Perhaps more notable than just adding capability is the fact that the company no longer has to perform heavy roughing and fine detail work on separate machines—a capability that’s particularly useful for larger molds. That’s thanks largely to Kitamura’s Bridgecenter 8F, which features a multi-step, gear-driven spindle that can be adjusted as-needed for higher torque or higher speeds, ranging to a maximum of 20,000 rpm. Read this case study to learn more.