Happy Independence Day!

On a day where we remember how we gained our independence, let’s not forget those who put themselves in harm’s way so we can continue to be free. Help iWarriors continue to donate iPads to wounded veterans.


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This year at amerimold, MMT was happy to donate a booth to the iWarriors cause so this organization could continue to raise awareness about its mission. This not-for-profit donates iPads to wounded warriors. IWarriors Co-Owner Kim Bartz happily reported that many attendees stopped by and expressed interest in donating to the cause, and she hopes word continues to spread. “We got the word out to hundreds of people during the show, and could not have done so without the booth donation,” Bartz said. “Since 98.5 percent of every donation goes directly to the boys we support and the remaining 1.5 percent to the St. Croix Valley Foundation for managing our fund, we have no money for advertising, marketing, etc. other than what my husband Tim (co-owner of Mold Craft) and I pay for, so we are so grateful for the free space amerimold provided to us!” Bartz added that she was optimistic that the organization’s presence at the show will bring in some new donations to iWarriors can continue its donations throughout the summer—before rolling out a donation “Challenge” this fall.

Please click here to find out how you can help. Thank you!