GF AgieCharmilles: “Inspired by Our Past, Driven by Our Future.”

I recently had the pleasure of attending GF AgieCharmilles 60th Anniversary Event at its North American headquarters and hearing those words spoken by Marketing Manager Gisbert Ledvon.


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The event kicked off with a delicious press breakfast where President Glynn Fletcher and Gisbert presented a timeline of important milestones in the company’s history—which included the invention of the EDM spark by two Russian scientists, the EDM machine, ISO cut technology, and the “first true” high speed milling machine. Glynn ended our briefing with the words, “We have been driven by innovation since we were founded.”

Then it was onto the shop floor, where Gisbert led us on a tour of the machines on display. There were technology demos—with plenty of GF AgieCharmilles personnel on hand to answer any questions. New machines included the Form 20 CNC Diesinking EDM as well as the U.S. premiere of the CUT 300SP Wire EDM and the CUT 200MS Wire EDM.

There were also plenty of seminars and training sessions—some standing room only! GF AgieCharmilles partner companies were also present demonstrating their latest technologies, offering applications support and participating in presentations, including: Seco Tools, REGO-FIX, Hirschmann, System 3R, Poco Graphite, Fraisa, 5-th Axis and Nikon.

As I left the event, Gisbert’s last words resonated with me, words that the industry should embrace. “We want our customers to remain positive that manufacturing is coming back. They need to invest in the right technology, step forward and be aggressive. Outmaneuver your competition.”