GF AgieCharmilles Announces Technology Days 2011

GF AgieCharmilles has announced that it will be holding Technology Days 2011 on June 29 – 30 at its North American headquarters in Lincolnshire, Illinois. The two-day event will include educational seminars and training sessions, as well as technology demonstrations.
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Attendees of Technology Days 2011 will be able to participate in presentations covering a wide range of topics related to milling, EDM and laser technology. Some of the topics covered will include in-process inspection for 5-axis machining, Cool Core spindle technology, laser innovations in surface texturing and using synthetic dielectric fluids and lubricants to improve cutting performance and surface finish. Seminars will be presented by representatives from GF AgieCharmilles, EOS, ESPRIT, CAMplete, Fraisa, Mastercam, Open Mind, OptiSolutions, REGO-FIX and System 3R.

The wide range of machines on display will demonstrate applications specific to the aerospace, mold and die, medical and e-manufacturing industries. Machines featured at Technology Days 2011 include:
-    CUT 30P Wire EDM
-    CUT 300 Wire EDM
-    CUT 2000 AWC Wire EDM
-    Progress VP2 Wire EDM
-    Drill 20 High-Speed Hole Drilling EDM
-    FO 550 SP Diesinking EDM
-    FO 350 MS Diesinking EDM
-    FM 400 Diesinking EDM
-    HSM 500 High-Speed Machining Center
-    HSM 400 U LP 5-Axis High-Speed Machining Center
-    Laser 1000 5Ax Laser Ablation Center
-    EOSINT M 280