Get Up Close and Personal with Technology Demos at Amerimold

On top of our show floor Tech Talks, the event offers attendees the opportunity to see live presentations at select exhibitor booths on a specific technology or process, while demonstrating how it works live on the show floor.  


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Amerimold is right around the corner and I’m excited to tell you about four show floor demonstrations on key processes and technologies to solve some of today’s mold-building and molding challenges.

  • Success or failure is often determined before you make your first chip. See how combining the latest technology from Haimer can eliminate costly unforeseen variables in everyday operations. Observe how combining the latest in shrinking, balancing and presetting technology can save you money in the form of faster cycle times, less machine downtime, higher accuracy, longer tool life and absolute process reliability.
  • Even world-class hot runner manifold systems and components experience problems over time. These events can lead to emergency situations and unplanned downtime, which makes accurate diagnosis of the root cause a top priority. Root cause analysis involves developing and executing a recovery plan that includes cleaning, inspection and resolution of the issues in the fastest, most efficient way possible to get that mold back into production. Alliance Specialty and Laser Sales, along with ROI Industries, will showcase in its booth the essential components of this process including: fluidized sand bath cleaning, the use of a borescope for internal documentation and testing, as well as live thermal imaging to communicate complex thermal-dynamic problems within a hot runner system to ensure absolute and accurate results. Attendees will experience a guided tour in all three areas on the correct method for using them in plastic injection molding.
  • Makino advocates the 5XC technique for die/mold component manufacturing by showing large cycle time savings, improvement in surface quality, and reduced cutting tool costs with this method.  The 5XC process simplifies the milling cutter selection and eliminates the number of milling tools required to complete a part.  This is accomplished by utilizing the 5XC motion of the machine tool to use the entire cutting surface of the tool where a 3+2 process uses only a single contact point on the tool.  Makino has recently expanded its D-series of 5XC VMC’s with the new D200z which is designed specifically for the needs of the Die/Mold market.
  • Mold monitoring has continued to improve with added products and capabilities that improve mold performance and customer service. The right mold monitoring strategy, whether via a device/system or live remote check-in,  will track mold performance, activity and maintenance history. This Progressive Components demonstration will highlight new mold and machine maintenance tracking capabilities that take mold monitoring to the next level for the mold builder, molder and OEM. OEM benefits include data and asset management to improve overall tooling efficiencies, the molder experiences efficiency in tracking and preventive maintenance planning to promote continuous improvement, and the mold builder is able to qualify warranty requirements and data storage.  Other new capabilities, which will be shown on a demo mold and a live remote-in from a customer, include optimal mold-to-machine identification, asset tracking for misplaced tools and a file cabinet option for mold information on tools running anywhere.

Check out the times and locations for these free in-booth demonstrations here and register for Amerimold today. 

See you in Novi!




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