Full Capacity Injection Molders


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Doing business with a domestic shop that offers a full spectrum of services under one roof has its benefits. Among those potential advantages are improved mold design, lower cost of ownership for that tooling, more consistent product quality, faster deliveries and more flexible volume requirements. Also, injection molders that provide part design assistance and prototyping can ensure an efficient and often lower cost manufacturing process. It can also help eliminate the expense and downtime involved in making alterations to tooling due to design issues with the original mold.

Although not all shops offer flexible volume requirements, there are those that position themselves to provide volumes ranging from hundreds to many thousands of injection-molded parts on an economical basis, enabling manufacturers to test market or roll-out their products with lower initial investments.

Rex Plastics, Inc. supplies thermoplastic and renewable biopolymer products and has a full-service in-house tooling department that provides customers with relatively inexpensive mold design and production, including modifications, all of which is aimed at providing quick turnaround and minimal downtimes.  

Injection molders that have in-house tool rooms and mold design specialists can develop the molds specifically for the products they will produce, and ensure that molds will meet cost and lifespan requirements.