For Your Information Gets Overhauled


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Next year, obtaining “For More Information” about the products, equipment, technology and services advertised in this magazine will no longer be pen to paper to the mailbox in order to receive your requested company and product information. Now it will be mouse to click to the Internet—where the information you are seeking is right at your fingertips!

Information when, where and how you want it.

Reader service cards—those bingo cards in the back of every issue used to solicit additional information from companies featured in a magazine—have undergone a makeover.

Readers had to mark the card with a “Reader Service Number” corresponding to the item of interest, tear out the card and drop it in the mail. Those cards went to a firm we hired to let the companies know who requested more information. The whole process took more than a month.

In this day and age with all the technology available, it’s hard to believe we’ve held onto this system for so long. However, now reader service numbers are in a form that fits this high-tech, fast-paced age—as well as the industry we serve.

Starting with the January 2006 issue, you’ll see advertisements with the logo “MMTDirect” followed by an alpha-numeric code. To contact the company mentioned in the advertisement, go to our Web site, www.moldmakingtechnology.com. Look for a window near the top of the home page with the MMTDirect logo. Type in the MMTDirect code and you’ll be taken to a page containing information on the company in its showroom.

You will find contact information, a list of products that company supplies and links to past articles or other information on that company contained on our Web site. You also will find a direct link to the supplier’s own Web site and (in most cases) a link inviting you to “Request Info Via E-mail.” This link can be used to ask technical questions and request assistance with problems.

You also can type a keyword or key phrase into the MMTDirect box on the home page to search the site for related editorial.

Get ready to try out this fast, easy, new system next month, and please tell me how you like it.