Five Piece Collapsing Cores

Mold technology that enables the molding of creative packaging solutions, including 360 degrees of internal threads or undercuts and containers or closures with smaller neck diameters than the core or body. This allows the injection molding of part designs that would traditionally have been molded via injection-blow or extrusion-blow methods for wide mouth jars.


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StackTeck unveils a new application for five-piece collapsing cores for high-volume jars. Some of the advantages of the five-piece collapsing core technology include: continuous, 360-degree undercut in the plastic part design; continuous, internal threads on closures and containers with neck diameters smaller than the body; robust design that does not rely on frictional force to the collapse; substantial part weight savings; water-cooled components; and, dramatic cycle time improvement.
See the five-piece collapsing core working within a cosmetics jar mold here.
According to Javier Fernandez, CEO at Industrias FC, S.A. de C.V., Mexico, “We were assigned a project for high-volume applications with a well-known cosmetics firm while competing with other companies that offered the same manufactured part using a traditional injection blow mold. We were able to offer a high quality, efficient and low-cost solution. The five-piece collapsing core technology enabled us to produce low-weight parts with higher cavitation molds, all with a 10-second cycle time versus lower cavitation and a 18-second cycle time, which the traditional injection blow molding offered.”