Five-Axis VMC

See Us at Booth #783


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At NPE, Makino will display the D500 5-axis vertical machining center that is designed for complex workpieces where quality is paramount. The D500 work zone will accommodate up to a 650 mm diameter and a 500 mm tall workpiece. The X-, Y- and Z-axes provide strokes of 550 mm, 1000 mm and 500 mm, respectively. The integral tilt and rotational axes provide tilt of +30 to -120 degrees on the A-axis and a full 360 degrees on the C axis. The D500 is capable of feed rates of 32 m per minute on the X-axis and 40 m per minute on both Y and Z axes.

Three direct-drive motors provide the speed and accuracy for both the C-axis rotary table and A-axis trunnion. One direct-drive motor controls the C-axis rotation and two direct-drive motors, located at each end of the trunnion, control the tilt of the A axis. The dual-motor design provides greater torque and rigidity, eliminating twist and torsion to achieve superior dynamic accuracy. The ultra-high torque DD motors also provide superior acceleration and high speed feed capability to compliment the quick X-, Y- and Z-axes motion characteristics slashing cycle times for complex 5-axis simultaneous machining applications by up to 60 percent.

To insure tight thermal control, the D500 is equipped with a separate machine element temperature controller that maintains constant control of the operating temperature for various machine components. The DD motors incorporate cooling jackets to control heat, all of the ballscrews are core – cooled and the spindle carrier is also thermally stabilized. Even all of the machine castings are wrapped with a thermal insulation material to minimize the impact of changing shop environment temperatures on the precision of the machine.