Five-Axis Technology Grows Increasingly Capable Yet Easier to Operate

Several technologies are converging to take five-axis machining to the next level. Here are a few ways that mold builders can take advantage of it.


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Five-axis machining technology has grown increasingly capable over the years, but there still have been drawbacks that made some shops think it was out of their reach. And to be fair, there have been inherent limitations that kept five-axis technology from achieving its potential from a pure machining productivity perspective.

That’s changing rapidly with advancements in machine tool technology, as well as with enabling technologies such as cutting tools and CAD/CAM software.

Combined, these advancements render five-axis machining processes that are astonishingly more productive than that of a few years ago. Though perhaps counterintuitive to some, a more expensive machine and cutting tool will result in the lowest cost per part, and sometimes by a lot…READ MORE.