Eliminating a Moldmaking Conundrum


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A year ago we covered how cryogenic machining with through-tool liquid nitrogen makes production of longer-lasting molds efficient and affordable. If you are interested in diving deeper into this technology, there is a new online resource for you.

5ME has launched an online cryogenic machining resource to demonstrate how manufacturers can  increase profitability and efficiency. According to the company, its patented cryogenic machining technology has helped shops increase throughput and improve surface integrity and part quality while reducing operational cost.

The new webpage includes video, exclusive information, free downloadable resources to highlight benefits and dispel misconceptions, educational blog posts, and more. An essential component to this site is a recently designed and easy-to-understand infographic explaining how shops can attain profitable manufacturing through the 5Ms of efficiency – manpower, materials, machines, methods and money – in relation to cryogenic machining.

“By providing information and educational materials for shop owners and managers, we believe that these decision makers will have a better understanding of how 5ME’s patented cryogenic machining technology will help them increase profitability and efficiency,” said Pete Tecos, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Product Strategy, 5ME. “Our exclusive technology allows companies to utilize environmentally friendly methods of manufacturing while increasing processing speed and part integrity and decreasing tool wear.”




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