Industry Experts sound off on the value of training, plus a showcase of apprenticeships and grants.


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Craig McQueen is applications engineer for Makino Die/Mold Technologies based in Auburn Hills, MI. He is focused on continuous development of new processes and techniques for machining operations to lower cost and increase productivity within the mold industry. The transfer of this technology through training and support of customers is key to this vision. Craig spent several years working as a job coordinator in various die and mold companies in the Grand Rapids, MI area. He is very knowledgeable in both the cutting and programming of various materials in the die and mold industry. His article on page 78 discusses why it is important to train customers on newly purchased machines.

Jerry Golmanavich spent more than 30 years working as a process engineer in the injection molding shops at the Baltimore Western Electric Works and then the Omaha Works. While to facility was changing identities, he was busy writing the original Quality Manual for the Plastics Molding department at Omaha. He later became the key figure in developing the Master Molding Technician Training Program at what was then Lucent Technologies (Omaha, NE). This program was quite unique since it was developed jointly between union officers and management representatives. It is now recognized by the United States Department of Labor. Since his retirement in 2000, Jerry was an editor and author for the Society of Plastics Engineers Technician's Toolbox for Injection MoldingÑthe first in a possible series. Jerry has two patents to his name in basic processing technology. He received his bachelor's degree from what is now the New Jersey Institute of Technology and his master's from Purdue University. He explains how to develop an internal training program.

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