EAB Picks: Podcasts

We polled our Editorial Advisory Board members for their top podcast picks from the MMT online archives.


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MoldMaking Technology has been very busy working to bring educational and insightful content to readers via an array of media. One of these is the podcast. A variety of podcasts, produced in cooperation with The Manufacturing Alliance, have been uploaded and stored on the MMT website for everyone’s listening pleasure. We polled our Editorial Advisory Board members for their top podcast picks from the MMT online archives and following are the most recommended and why.

Interview With Gardner Intelligence – Why? “Listening to this Podcast helped me better understand the economics of moldmaking and the industry reports.”

“They populate such great data in an easy to consume manner.”

Mixing It Up With Maximum Mold Group – Why? “This podcast is inspirational for any owner to understand that without a plan, passion for what you do and vision for your business, it is impossible to be successful.”

How MoldMaking Technology Magazine Came to Be – Why? “Joe Prischak is a personal mentor of my father’s and somewhat of a hometown hero because he was instrumental in establishing a strong plastics industry in the Erie, Pennsylvania, area.”

Putting Recycled Plastics to Work – Why? “Excellent topic that hits home equally for moldmakers and molders. How can everyone do their part to avoid the industry getting painted negatively to the public?”

Interview With Legacy Precision Molds – Why? “It is fantastic to hear father and son provide different perspectives on culture, people and understanding what makes their company different.”

Interview with Mike Devereux our Tax Guy – Why? “This podcast provides a high level overview of things you should be paying attention to, but maybe you aren’t.”

Let’s Talk About Finding and Fixing Problems – Why? “Rich Oles provides a lot of insight into the value of customer service.”


One EAB member told us that what she finds interesting about MMT’s podcasts is that the content is relatable for the listener, whether it is a story of a mold shop owner’s journey or tips for how to handle specific business challenges.

More podcasts are available at moldmakingtechnology.com/podcasts. We hope you will listen in and let us know what other topics you would like to hear in the future.