Digitalization Takes Center Stage at IMTS 2018

More and more mold builders are moving towards a more digitally connected shop floor. As a result, digitalization is one of the leading trends to see on display at IMTS 2018.


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Achieving a more digitally connected shop can take the form of data connection and collection, system monitoring and management, and using digital technology to improve the systems your shop relies on.

Dedicated to just that is the Emerging Technology Center (ETC) sponsored by AMT—The Association for Manufacturing. As one of two at IMTS this year, the ETC dedicated to Digital Transformation in the North Building lets you see it in action and discover examples of how businesses in aerospace, automotive, medical and energy sectors are implementing these innovations.

Digital connectivity is about more than just high-tech software. It’s about taking seemingly futuristic or out-of-reach ideas and applying them to real, shop-floor scenarios…READ MORE.