Digital Edition of September's AM Supplement Now Available

This month's issue includes two features. One on repairing damaged mold inserts using direct metal laser sintering and the other on a tool and die and CNC machining job shop with an unusual employee development philosophy that employs additive manufacturing.
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The September issue of the Additive Manufacturing Supplement includes a feature on repairing damaged mold inserts using direct metal laser sintering (DMLS). Rather than replacing damaged tools, DMLS can be used to quickly repair only the damaged areas, resulting in simplified repair, decreased downtime, longer operating life and reduced costs associated with maintenance and repair. This issue also featrures a story on Baklund R&D, a tool and die and CNC machining job shop in Hutchinson, Minnesota, that has an unusual philosophy for how to cultivate, encourage and develop manufacturing employees. Additive manufacturing fits into this philosophy. Click here for the digital edition.