Design to First Shot, and Beyond

Amerimold 2016 is your event if you are involved in buying, designing, building, maintaining, processing or repairing molds. We invite you to join the MMT team as we present the 18th annual Amerimold expo in Novi, Michigan, June 15-16, Here is a look at what we have in store for you.


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Engineersessions, sponsored by MMT, will help mold buyers and builders gain insight into proven technologies and strategies for better part/mold design and development, including tooling material options, additive manufacturing, conformal cooling, CAD/CAM and data management.

Buildsessions, sponsored by Makino, will examine the challenges to better mold-building operations and the technology solutions that can help yield higher quality molds and end-use parts, including automation, cutter technology, EDM, hot runners, workholding and five-axis machining.

Maintainsessions, sponsored by MMT, will cover the skills and systems necessary to overcome mold repair issues, including a review of coatings options, welding techniques and maintenance strategies.

New Moldsessions, sponsored by Plastics Technology, will reveal the impact of part design on final part shape, and how to integrate molds, machines and automation to create an effective production system to yield successful collaborative manufacturing.

The Exhibit Hall will house top technology providers in software, additive manufacturing, machine tools, cutting tools, mold materials, components, hot runners, inspection/measurement equipment, surface treatment, mold maintenance and repair, and molding technologies and services (see our Amerimold Zone for our technology highlights).

Lastly, don’t forget our annual networking party, the unveiling of our 2016 “Top 10 Reasons to Be a Moldmaker” T-shirts and the awards ceremony for this year’s Leadtime Leader winners, sponsored by Progressive Components. Visit amerimoldexpo.com for full event details and to register today!