Connecting on the Next Level to Keep Manufacturing Moving

It’s always been about community and connection for me when it comes to MoldMaking Technology, but this has taken on a whole new meaning with the current state of affairs. However, I see opportunity—and a chance for us to provide more value to the industry.


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Without getting into the nitty-gritty details, I believe we can all agree that the impact the COVID-19 (coronavirus) is having on the manufacturing supply chain is growing a bit intense lately.  Various shops have reached out to me online, on the phone and via social media asking how they can be connected with manufacturers looking for North American mold builders to keep manufacturing moving, and OEMs have also reached out looking for mold builders and molders to take on some projects.

This got us thinking. We have the audience (community) comprising all links in the supply chain, so we just need to find a way to bring them all together (connection) if and when projects, capabilities and timelines align. We want to help!

Over the years Amerimold has started to attract molders and OEMs seeking mold builders. Some want to expand their tooling supply base and others want new blood. We discovered we were connecting the community naturally so we decided last year to make it formal, hence the Amerimold Sourcing Fair.

Fast forward a year later and the need for more and better suppliers has escalated, and we can help! First, we are bringing back our Amerimold Sourcing Fair this June 10 & 11 in Novi, Michigan.  Today OEMs, molders and mold builders can participate for FREE. Find out more and sign up here: https://www.amerimoldexpo.com/sourcingfair.html 

Due to more immediate sourcing demands, we are working on a virtual sourcing fair of sorts to help companies with more immediate sourcing needs to keep manufacturing moving.

We want to be a resource that connects the supply chain – manufacturers (OEMs) looking for service suppliers and service suppliers (mold builders and molders) with capacity and capabilities looking to take on more work.

For example,  just last week a consumer goods OEM approached us with the need for a moldmaker or injection molder who can be a production partner on 8-10 molds depending on components and molds; and, 250,000 to 2 million injection molded units / SKU for a plastics toy project.

If you are interested in submitting a quote for moldmaking and/or injection molding please review the brief project form and complete and submit the contact form. 

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