Collaboration and Education

I visited with two companies at Amerimold last week in Novi, Michigan, that have committed to technology development R&D and collaboration to move innovation forward.
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I visited with Baker Aerospace and S A Engineering at Amerimold last week in Novi, Michigan, after learning that they have both committed to technology development R&D and collaboration to move innovation forward.

SA Engineering Technology Center provides a setting where reputable companies with high-level expertise in services that support injection molding can co-locate under one roof to work together to develop new technologies on new 110- to 3500-ton presses. Such technologies include 3D-printed conformal-cooled inserts, which are a part of Baker’s expertise that has helped advanced the R&D of “new technology” tools developed at the Center. Baker also takes time to educate customers on the misconceptions about 3D-printed conformal-cooled inserts, including, for example, that a whole new tool must be created in order to use conformal cooling. In reality, only the internal areas of the insert that already exist must be altered. The Center’s Engel Duo 23050/3500 US 3,500-ton press is used to test and run “new technology” tools, such as a MuCell tool for Trexel, and an Engel Victory 1350/285 Tech 285-ton press is part of the center’s arsenal of state-of-the-art equipment that demonstrates the full potential of the new technologies being developed and tested here. 

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