Catch Some TV—IMTS TV That Is!

Even though IMTS 2014 may not be on your radar right now, the folks that plan it are hard at work. Come inside to catch the latest and take a challenge before the end of this month.


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IMTS TV features a new episode of IMTSTV In Brief - MTConnect Challenge® where John Wilczynski, who serves as Program Manager for the National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM), describes the MTConnect Challenge—and the need for the next killer manufacturing technology app. 
Wilczynski explains that there is an extensive amount of data produced relative to the manufacturing process. However, this data is typically “trapped” in the individual pieces of equipment and devices used in the production of products or the operation of the facilities or it is recorded on paper where it cannot be easily analyzed. The purpose of MTConnect is to “unlock” this data and provide it for use in a common format that can be easily used by software applications.

The primary goal of the MTConnect Challenge is to develop innovative and deployable advanced manufacturing intelligence applications utilizing the MTConnect standard, he says.
Challenge one of this competition has already begun and ends on May 31st, 2013. This challenge is strictly for ideas—ambitious but achievable ideas for those great and innovative applications. Start dreaming, and send in your entry! The objective is to identify a manufacturing intelligence application or concept. Five winners will be awarded 5,000 dollars each in this part of the challenge.
Everyone is encouraged to enter this competition—developers, engineers, students, scientists, … anyone who's got a great idea. 
Find more information and how to enter the competition at mtconnect.challenge.gov