Cartridge Heater


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Hotset Corp. (Battle Creek, MI) has developed a new heater with a special coating that allows the heater to be easily removed from the mold—keeping work and damage to costly tooling to a minimum. Benefits of this heater include reduced cost due to faster replacement, minimum tool damage and rework time; FDA approved for packaging and food processing; anti-seize will allow quick, easy removal of heater after burnout; improved heat transfer due to special composition; special compound acts as a corrosion inhibitor; protects the heater bore from galling; bonded to the heater sheath so it will not turn to powder; and material can be removed only by grinding or scraping.

The coating thickness can be 012mm to .018mm, although thicker is possible with a special quote. Heater diameter is manufactured to be within standard finish tolerance after coating is applied. When using a Teflon end seal there will be a ring of heater approximately .250-inch long at the lead end that is not coated. This should be avoided if possible.