CAD/CAM Allows Moldmaker to Make Big Moves

KA Tooling says its CAD/CAM software provided the necessary confidence to invest in additional CNC machines and move to larger facilities to meet the growing demand for injection molds.


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We don't often cover application stories of overseas shops, but I thought I'd share this one I received that involves a UK-based injection moldmaker and CAD/CAM supplier Vero Sofware. 
When KA Tooling initially installed VISI from Vero Software the speed and accuracy gains allowed them to take on more work; however, they were now limited by the facility's size and the number of machines, so they moved to new faciliites and installed three more CNC machines, according to KA Tooling Director Alex Hill. They now have four Hurcos, a Haas VF7, a number of Cincinattis and a Mitsubishi EX spark eroder.
Hill says they use VISI to the fullest extent. Four seats of VISI Modelling and VISI Machining, a VISI Viewer package, and a seat each of VISI Mould, Electrode, Flow-Lite and Compass Technology. 
“We maximize technology to reduce costs and improve turnaround, especially in the aluminium market, and VISI enables us to achieve this with top quality molds. The days of producing aluminium tooling to get the customer’s product to market and then replacing it with a P20 steel tool after around 50 shots off it, have gone. We make aluminium tools where customers produce over half a million parts.”