Business Conditions Register Improvement 50.0 Total Mold Business Index for April 2008

The total Mold Business Index is a weighted average of the sub-indices for new orders, production, employees, backlog, exports and supplier deliveries.


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After three consecutive monthly decreases to start the year, business conditions for North American moldmakers registered some improvement in recent weeks. The Mold Business Index (MBI) for April is exactly 50.0. This is a 13.4-percentage point increase from the weak March value of 36.6. A solid gain in the New Orders component was offset by longer Supplier Delivery Times and much higher Materials Prices. The noticeable uptrend in business levels also resulted in a sharp rise to 67.9 in the Future Expectations component.

The sub-index for New Orders of molds posted a solid 57.1 in April. Production levels showed a modest improvement, as the latest Production sub-index was 51.8. The Employment component was also 51.8, which means that there was a small increase in overall payrolls last month. Yet despite the rise in new orders and the steady pace of production, moldmakers still report a decrease in backlogs. The Backlog component was 44.6 in April.

The Mold Prices sub-index for the latest month was 41.1. This means that the prices received for new molds were lower. At the same time, the prices paid for materials increased again sharply as the latest sub-index for Materials Prices was 82.1. Supplier Delivery Times are longer, as this sub-index posted a value of 42.9. There was also a small increase reported in the number of offshore orders for new molds, as the Export Orders sub-index was 51.8.

Our Injection Molding Business Index (a measure of production levels for injection molders) declined by 7 percent in the first quarter of 2008 when compared with the previous year. This indicator was flat for all of last year, but after a slow start to 2008, a rise of 3 to 4 percent in market demand for injection molded products is forecast for the second half of the year. Consistent gains in the Mold Business Index depend on sustained growth of 4 to 5 percent in the output of injection molded products. The trend in the moldmaking industry lags the trend in the processing sector by about six months.

April 2008



Net % Difference Sub-
New Orders
43 28 29 14 57.1
32 39 29 3 51.8
14 75 11 3 51.8
32 35 43 -11 44.6
Export Orders
7 89 4 3 51.8
Supplier Deliveries
11 64 25 -14 42.9
Materials Prices
68 28 4 64 82.1
Mold Prices
11 60 29 -18 41.1
Future Expectations 57 22 21 36 67.9