Blow Mold/Extrusion Products

See Us at Booth #979W


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R&B Plastics Machinery LLC and sister company Monroe Mold will unveil the latest developments and a mix of products for the blow molding and extrusion markets at NPE. Products on display will include:

 ·         Shuttle and Reciprocating Blow Molds: Shuttle and Recip blow molds will be displayed that have been manufactured at Monroe Mold. All molds are made of high-quality aluminum with specific design features tailored to customers’ needs and due dates. Monroe Mold prides itself on thorough engineering-consultations with customers to ensure timely deliveries. 

·          Prototype Designs and Convenient Test Facility Ideal for Mold Adjustments: Monroe Mold customers can test pre-production bottle molds with a sample lab machine at sister company R&B Plastics Machinery, located just 38 miles north. Test runs and product samples help alter prototype designs as needed for future high-speed production runs. Oftentimes changes are made in wall thickness, neck design, corner supports and more, depending on the container’s product. Sample runs are a more cost-effective method for customers to evaluate pre-production bottles without tying up manufacturing lines.

 ·         MAX Impact™ feed screws: Three different feed screws will be featured, including an Evolution Mixing screw; a Reciprocating blow mold screw; and a General Purpose screw. The new MAX Impact™ feed screws are made of high quality carbon steel with bi-metallic flight hard-facing and chrome plated for extended production life. These features provide long-term durability and performance capabilities, critical for efficient manufacturing. The MAX Impact™ feed screws lines are engineered in Michigan. They are suitable for all makes and models of extruders and blow molding machines. R&B also repairs/refinishes screws to extend their life and performance.

 ·         Process Analysis part of R&B’s feed screw design service: Expert screw designer Tim Womer is the company’s Chief Process Consultant and develops MAX Impact™ screw designs specific to each application. Womer is well known in the plastics industry for technical advice and seminars specific to trouble-shooting production problems and machine performance, often affected by feed screw design and proper maintenance. “The Melt Meister” will be at the R&B booth to answer questions.

 ·         MAX Extruder™ product line: On display and for sale at the show will be a 3½”, 24:1 air-cooled MAX Extruder™ with discrete controls, cool-to-touch heaters, and a single-bolt clamp swing. R&B engineers and manufactures single-screw extruders ranging from ¾” to 10”, all L/D ratios, equipped with PLC, PC or discrete controls systems, customized to customers’ needs. The MAX Extruder™ line—all made in Michigan—serves all facets of the market including pipe, profile, tubing, sheet, film, reclaim, wire and cable.

 ·         Controls Upgrades available with PLC or PC automated controls/data collection systems: MAX Extruders™ can be fitted with an automated control system of any make, based on the customer’s preference. R&B will display sample blow molding and extrusion-control units from Allen-Bradley, Eurotherm and Siemens. Visitors will see how integrated-control systems simplify set-up for maintenance managers/operators to improve process efficiencies and product quality.

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