WEBINAR: The Key to Digital Tooling Is Ceramic Fiber Reinforcement

If you do low-volume prototyping then this ceramic fiber-reinforced 3D-printed tooling option could be worth a look ... or listen. Check out this free webinar that presents best-use applications, part and mold design considerations and key lessons learned. 


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Solving specific problems and sharing best practices is the way Fortify is educating mold manufacturers and molders about its ceramic fiber-reinforced 3D-printed cavity and core sets for low-volume prototyping. 

Ben Arnold of Fortify and John Eastham of Ideal Systems team up for a free webinar that presents a little history of Fortify’s technology platform (digital composite manufacturing), details on the beta machine set to hit the market in early June 2020, the importance of ceramic fiber reinforcement, material properties and tolerances, part selection, design guidelines, ejection, ramp up and operation, cooling and cycle time, and best practices for using reinforced 3D printed tools.

A 30-minute Q&A session includes answers to questions like the following, and many more:

  • Are part properties different when molded in a 3DP tool?
  • Can you use conformal cooling channels with these tools
  • How long does it take to have a tool ready for molding?
  • How much prep work is needed?
  • Can we make tools with side action? Hand loads?
  • Can you explain the 3d printing process steps?
  • Can these tools be autocycled or do they always need an operator running the machine?
  • Will you take my CAD file and print inserts for me?
  • How much post-processing is required?

If you are interested in hearing the answers, click here to register and get access to this free 50-minute webinar.