Be a Mold Builder of the Year



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Over 15 years of attending AMBA conventions and other events, I’ve met many industry leaders.  For me, this image tells a great story.  At the center is Ralph Oswald, CEO of Chicago Mold Engineering.  In his hands is the AMBA’S top award to an individual, the 2012 Mold Builder of the Year award, sponsored by Progressive Components.  Behind him you can see the reflection of a room full of his peers, all in a standing ovation for Mr. Oswald’s contribution to our industry over many years.

Ralph Oswald is one of many leaders who have gone before him and others yet to come, who are leaders in a little-known industry that shapes our world every day.  Few of our friends and neighbors even know what a mold builder is, yet everyone is touched by, or should I say “touches” what we do virtually every minute of every day.  Medical products, automotive, electronics, appliances – virtually everything physically present in our lives today – is shaped by what we do.

Ralph represents a cornerstone concept in life to me.  He loves what he does and he participates.  Ralph buys hi-tech tooling and equipment and he can’t stop talking about it; he loves it.  Asked about the best time in this business, Ralph’s answer is now, citing the continuing evolution of machine and tooling technology.  But ask him yourself – he’s at the local chapter meetings networking with others, giving and taking, both teaching and learning.  Ralph’s participation is key to his own success and many others.

Achieving Mold Builder of the Year isn’t something Ralph ever set out to do.  It’s a position attained as a way of life, an interest in doing things with his hands, making things, and helping others do the same.  For years, it was something Mr. Oswald did for himself and his company, and it’s only now acknowledged by the AMBA.

Look again at the people behind Mr. Oswald.  There’s a room full of industry leaders that will continue to shape our industry.  One day perhaps you’ll enjoy the honor bestowed on Mr. Oswald last week.  In the meantime, live like you are the Mold Builder of the Year.  Be both teacher and student.  Participate.  Share.  Aspire to do good.  Whether others know it or not, you’ll be Mold Builder of the Year too.