Are You Optimizing Part Design and Manufacturability?

Autodesk presented a free webinar titled “Using the Power of DOE to Design Process and Part Improvement”. If you missed it, you can still access it here.


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You build good molds, but with customers’ ever higher expectations for part quality and faster delivery, how can you be sure you are optimizing part designs and manufacturability? Can you back it up with data? Autodesk presented a free webinar titled “Using the Power of DOE to Design Process and Part Improvement” to show attendees how to ensure part design optimization. Jeff Higgins, technical specialist and Moldflow subject matter expert, was our presenter.

Attendees learned the following:

  • The theory behind Design-of-Experiments (DOE) and how it works
  • The different types of experiments that can be set up
  • How to interpret the results from a DOE analysis.

Plus, examples of DOE analyses were shared and discussed. 

Whether you already use Moldflow as a value added service for your customers or are considering implementing it, check out our archived presentation here.

If you'd like access to more resources on this and related topics, check out our Mold Flow and Simulation Zone for articles featured in MoldMaking Technology here.

Also, click here to read an Autodesk article titled "Design Right the First Time", in which the benefits of simulating both the injection molding and induction heating processes are discussed.


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