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Amerimold: What You Need To Know


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If you’re looking for the latest in product development (and mold making) technology, then you’ve got to attend amerimold, being held from April 13-14 at the Stephens Center in Rosemont, IL. It’s the premier information-gathering and networking event for those serious about accelerating their time to market. There are both a wide array of products on display in the exhibit hall and conference sessions catered toward product development and mold making.

Full conference registration includes admission to two conference tracks—additive manufacturing and mold manufacturing—as well as access to the exhibit hall and a special networking event that will be held on Wednesday, April 13. The additive manufacturing track is presented by Time Compression magazine and geared toward those interested in adopting the technology or deepening their skill sets in rapid product development. Additionally, it will cover case studies and explore business opportunities with the technology. The mold manufacturing track, presented by MoldMaking Technology magazine, will include panel and roundtable discussions on advanced machining, automation, material selection, global competition, business best practices, customer management and workforce development.

Exhibit hall-only registration is also available, allowing access to both the Moldmaking & Tooling and Product Design & Development pavilions.

For more information, visit amerimoldexpo.


Here is a sample of exhibitors in the Product Design & Development Pavilion

Delcam—Booth #717

Delcam (delcam.com), a supplier of CAD/CAM solutions, will be exhibiting its PowerSHAPE 2011 CAD software, which includes reverse engineering tools and enhancements in solid modeling and memory management. PowerSHAPE allows users to work with large data files and model any shape with increased speed and efficiency.


GPI Prototype & Manufacturing
Services—Booth #111


GPI Prototype & Manufacturing Services (gpiprototype.com) provides rapid prototyping and direct digital manufacturing (DDM) services to speed product development. It has a complete array of additive technologies—such as direct metal laser sintering (DMLS), SLS, SLA and FDM—to create both metal and plastic parts.


Objet Geometries—Booth #220


Objet Geometries (objet.com), a developer of 3D printing systems and materials for rapid prototyping and manufacturing, will exhibit its newest desktop printer, Objet24. The high-resolution printer builds parts at 0.1-mm accuracy. It’s priced at $19,900. Additionally, Objet will feature four rapid prototyping materials: a white material, a transparent material, a high-temperature material and an ABS-like plastic material.


Quickparts—Booth #234
Quickparts (quickparts.com), a manufacturing service provider of plastic and metal parts that’s dedicated to fast turnaround, will display different prototyping and cast urethane materials in addition to work samples. The company’s services include rapid prototyping (SLA, SLS, FDM, Polyjet), machined plastic prototypes, cast urethane parts, injection molding, sheet metal parts, CNC machined parts, plaster and metal casting.


Sensable—Booth #224


Sensable (sensable.com), a developer of 3D touch-enabled software, will showcase Freeform Plus. This modeling solution takes 3D organic forms and textured models from design to production by allowing designers to combine multiple geometry types—such as surfaces, solids, meshes and voxels—into one integrated environment. It’s used to design everything from consumer products to medical models.


SpaceClaim—Booth #123

� SpaceClaim (spaceclaim.com) will exhibit its easy-to-use Engineer 3D solid modeling software, which simplifies the design and editing of models to speed time to market. The software also allows users to edit 3D designs regardless of their origins, while experimenting freely with design concepts.


Stratasys—Booth #212


Stratasys (stratasys.com) will be featuring its line of Dimension 3D desktop printers, which use fused deposition modeling (FDM) technology to additively build parts. The Dimension printer family consists of the uPrint, uPrint Plus, 1200es—which includes soluble support technology (SST) and breakaway support techno-
logy (BST) models—and the Elite, all of which create parts in ABSplus thermoplastic material.


Z Corp—Booth #216


Z Corp (zcorp.com), a developer of 3D printers, prototyping systems, laser scanners, and software, will showcase its ZPrinter 450. This multicolor 3D printer features two print heads that can work at speeds up to 0.9 in./hour, about five times faster than competing printers.