Amerimold: Solving Customer Problems

Two back-to-back presentations at Amerimold next month address mold performance issues with a focus on mold maintenance and scientific molding strategies. 


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If you want to provide exceptional service to your customer, then it’s important to realize that your job is not over once the mold is made. When the mold reaches the customer’s facility, its personnel, press and/or toolroom, there are still challenges you can help them overcome—upfront and on the back end.

Two back-to-back presentations at Amerimold next month address mold performance issues with a focus on mold maintenance and scientific molding strategies.  

Thursday, June 14

10 a.m. Proactive Strategies to Troubleshoot Mold Performance Issues, Mold Trax and Beaumont’s AIM Institute

  • Steve Johnson
  • Alex Beaumont

MoldTrax’s Steve Johnson has worked with MoldMaking Technology almost since its launch in 1997 with his Across the Bench and Maintenance Matters series, which are focused on mold maintenance and repair challenges and solutions. Beaumont Technologies’ AIM Institute has worked with MMT on content addressing the front-end challenges of moldmaking when it comes to troubleshooting and optimizing mold and part design and processing. Here they will both bring processing and tooling together to explore strategies to optimize mold performance, maintain efficiency, maximize part quality and minimize machine downtime on many different types of injection molds that make products from all industries. The key is the ability to understand not only product defect positions, but also how much plastic changes as it flows within a mold and its impact on efficiently producing quality parts on time. Attendees will gain an increased awareness of how these molding disciplines affect each other and ultimately, the plastic part.

11 a.m. Melt Delivery Systems Required for Scientific Molding,  ROI Industries and Scientific Molding

  • Richard Oles  
  • John Bozzelli 

Based on MoldMaking Technology’s Pellet-2-Part (P2P) series, this presentation will dissect the melt delivery system by discussing each step of processing a pellet in order for the pellet to be molded into a good part. This talk will link these steps directly to plastic injection molding issues, their sources and potential solutions. Scientific molding principles are nearly impossible to implement when melt delivery systems are not performing as they should. Uniformity of melt temperature and viscosity prior to injection is critical to successful molding. Knowing the actual melt temperature is different from knowing the reported melt temperature. Attendees will gain a new understanding of the events that occur in and along the melt delivery system. Topics include watt-to-mass ratio, time to reach setpoint, wattage distribution, thermal end loss, heat sink and point of temperature control, injection unit thermal generation and control, shear, conduction and residence time. These topics represent key points that moldmakers must consider in order to reach an optimized process via scientific molding principles. In addition, every shop wants to get customers back online and into production as quickly as possible when things go wrong, so having an essential strategy to achieve that goal includes extending machine life by finding fast, cost-effective ways to bring solutions for equipment and cell-related breakdowns. This takes expertise in machine troubleshooting and repair techniques as well as expertise in the areas of hydraulics, mechanical, electronics, pneumatics, PLC and automation cells, robotics, production management and process engineering. For those aspects, Kip Doyle from moldingHELP.com and Bill Hartwick from Filter Specialties will be available for the Q&A portion of the session as well as at the Synventive booth following the session.

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