Amerimold Connects Continues!

Your five-day online event—featuring scheduled LIVE demonstrations and presentations with Q&A, an extensive searchable menu of on-demand content, a forum for networking and continuing Q&A and conversations and exhibitor technology showrooms—has begun. So, I want to point out some important programming highlights, features and functions to help you access all this remote event has to offer.


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MoldMaking Technology’s Editorial Director Christina Fuges runs down a few basics on how this online remote event works.

To get started log onto amerimoldexpo.com, register, create your MyPlanner and start building your experience: selecting the on-demand content you want to view and the technology and service providers you want to learn from.

Live sessions will occur today, tomorrow and Thursday at 9, 11, 1, & 3pm. You can find the live stream and the schedule of upcoming topics on the home page. During these sessions, you can ask questions using the Chat Box to participate in LIVE Q&A following each session.

On Demand content is broken down into tracks for easy searching: Engineer, Build, Maintain, Mold and Business and Current Events. These are available to view all week, and LIVE sessions are being recorded so they can viewed after they air in the On Demand Content. And don’t forget to check out our

Forum for post commentary, for continuing conversation after LIVE sessions and general networking.

Also be sure to spend time in the exhibitor showrooms for technology solutions, giveaways, videos, new products, discounts, interviews, how-to tutorials, etc. and to set up meetings.

Last but not least before we begin, we must send out a big thank you to all of the exhibitors and attendees supporting this premier event.




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