Amerimold: A Family Affair

Covering this industry for the past 19 years has shown me what a community--what a family--moldmaking is. This becomes very evident every year at Amerimold, but yesterday it was taken to another level.


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2016 Leadtime Leader team of family and friends take two-hour bus ride to Amerimold to celebrate their win!

Covering this industry for the past 19 years has shown me what a community--what a family--moldmaking is. This becomes very evident every year at Amerimold. But yesterday it was taken to another level, as a busload of employees, family and friends of this year's Leadtime Leader Winner Krieger Craftsmen unloaded in front of Surburban Collection Showplace to take in the Expo and take on the recognition they deserve for being part of a winning team.   

These awards, sponsored by  MoldMaking Technologyand Progressive Components, have been honoring outstanding moldmakers who best demonstrate overall innovation, efficiency, quality and commitment for the past 14 years. We presented winner Krieger Craftsmen and honorable mention MSI Mold Builders to the industry at the end of the day yesterday right before the annual Casino Night Networking Party.  And boy, were these winners ready to party after the build up and excitement of the Awards Ceremony.
With so many past Leadtime Leaders in attendance this year (flagged with red ribbons), I decided to get a little Oscar-esqe and asked Brian Bendig, president of last year's Leadtime Leader Cavalier Tool & Mfg. to come to the mic to say a few words about what the Award has meant to his company, encourage all shops to enter next year's competition, and then present the Award plaque to Tim Krieger, president of Krieger Craftsman, as I made the official announcement. It was a "passing of the torch" in a way, and it really added to that "family" feel of the industry. We later took a group shot of all the past Leadtime Leaders. It was quite the night! 
Leadtime Leader Hall of Fame
Leadtime Leaders 03
Large Winner: Advance Tool, Inc. (ATi): Thinking Lean Gets the Green
Small Winner: M&M Tool and Mold: Specialization and Short Leadtimes Yield Success
Large Honorable Mentions:
Ultra Tool Group: Multiple Mold Specialties Garner Profits Galore
Eimo Americas: Combining Forces Multiplies Profits
Small Honorable Mentions:
Graphic Tool: Concurrent Engineering Generates Quick Mold Builds
Peterboro Tool: Niche Moldmaking Produces Profits
Leadtime Leaders 04
Large Winner: Wentworth Mold: Blowing Away the Competition
Small Winner: M & M Tool and Mold: Niche Moldmaking Yields Results Two Years Running
Large Honorable Mention: Century Die Co.: Forging Ahead
Small Honorable Mention: Summit Molds: Better Not Bigger
Leadtime Leaders 05
Large Winner: Minco Tool and Mold: On The Fast Track
Small Winner: M & M Tool: Formula for Success-Specialization, Automation And Customer Service
Large Honorable Mention: StackTeck: Lean Strategies Combine for Niche Molds in Record Time
Small Honorable Mention: IDEAS, INC.: Thinking Outside the Box
Leadtime Leaders 06
Large Winner: Extreme Tool and Engineering: Building Relationships, Fostering Growth
Small Winner: A.J. Tool Co. Inc.: Niche Moldmaking Meets High Expectations
Large Honorable Mention MSI Mold Builders: Moldmaking Measured and Defined
Small Honorable Mention:IDEAS, INC.: Good Thinking!
Leadtime Leaders 07
Large Winner: Chicago Mold Engineering: In The Spotlight
Small Winner: Tech Tool & Mold, Inc.: Strength and Flexibility
Large Honorable Mention: Synergetic M2M Group: A Global Presence
Small Honorable Mention: M&M Tool and Mold, Inc.: Automation Investment Pays Off Big
Leadtime Leaders 08
Large Winner: Commercial Tool & Die: High Quality and Employee Innovation Drive Success
Small Winner: Extreme Tool and Engineering, Inc.: Embracing Change
Large HM: StackTeck Systems Ltd.: Continuous Improvement Trims Leadtimes
Leadtime Leaders 09
Large Winner: Commercial Tool & Die: Innovation And Improvement Are Keys to Success
Small Winner: Byrne Tool & Die: A Culture of Change
Large Honorable Mention: Armin Tool & Manufacturing: Sampling Success Since 1952
Small Honorable Mention: Elite Mold & Engineering: Team Elite
Leadtime Leaders 10
Large Winner: Triangle Tool
Triangle Tool: Product-to-Tool Service
Small Winner: Mold Craft: Innovation with Automation
Large Shop Honorable Mention H.S. Die & Engineering: A One-Stop Shop
Small Shop Honorable Mention CS Tool Engineering: In the Business Of Customer Service
Leadtime Leaders 11
Large Winner: United Tool & Mold, Inc.: Charging Forward with Unique Mold Repair Niche
Small Winner: Mold-Tech, Inc.: Technology-Driven, Detail-Oriented Precision Injection Mold Provider
Large Honorable Mention: MSI Mold Builders: Redefining Mold Manufacturing 
Small Honorable Mention: JM Mold South, Inc.: Constant Reinvention Results in Growth, Success
Leadtime Leaders 12
Large Winner: Industrial Molds Group: Thinking Outside of the Box
Small Winner: M&M Tool and Mold: Niche Manufacturing Sustains Profitability
Leadtime Leaders 13 
Winner Tech Mold Inc.: A Triple Threat!
Honorable Mention Micro Mold Company, Inc.: Partnering to Push the Limits
Leadtime Leaders 14
Winner: Westminster Tool Inc.—Bridging the Gap without Losing Focus
Honorable Mention: Aalbers Tool and Mold Inc.—Playing the Long Game
Leadtime Leaders 15
Winner: Cavalier Tool & Manufacturing - A Holistic Approach to Setting the Pace
Honorable Mention: Dynamic Tool & Design - Committing to a Scientific Process