What Is the Amerimold 2020 Sourcing Fair?

Amerimold has been connecting stakeholders in the mold manufacturing supply chain for 20 years through its exhibits and technical programming, and last year we took it one step further with the launch of an event on the show floor that encourages deeper communication and collaboration to create opportunities for commerce—Amerimold Sourcing Fair.
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Amerimold’s Sourcing Fair connects major OEMs who are looking to source new or increased mold-building and molding projects in North America​​​ with leading mold builders and molders attending Amerimold for free.

The action takes place directly on the show floor through both pre-arranged and impromptu appointments. So far Otter Products and Ernie Green Industries have signed on to participate.

The Sourcing Fair gives mold builders and molders the opportunity to:

  • Gain access to new customers, buyers, and engineers previously inaccessible
  • Meet face-to-face with purchasers to discuss project potential, requirements, and capabilities
  • Win additional work
  • Build an expansion plan
  • Investigate different end markets
  • Explore new product development
  • Network with industry peers
  • Schedule appointments or stop by during free time slots with OEMs looking for you, such as Ernie Green Industries.

Last year representatives from companies like Toyota, Otter Products, and Scholle IPN sat down with dozens of our skilled moldmakers and molders, discussing run times, specs, and shop capabilities.  All participating companies accepted reservations to meet with possible partners as well as impromptu appointments during scheduled free time.

  • Toyota was looking for North American mold builders capable of supply 25- to 30-ton injection molds
  • Scholle IPN was looking for mold builders able to provide advanced engineering services, high-cavitation mold building, and testing capabilities for new and re-engineered tooling
  • Otter Products currently sourcing molds in China and was looking to switch some molds to U.S. sources. Delivery is key.

Don Smith, the Sr. Tooling Manager of North America for Scholle IPN, had this to say about the benefits Scholle IPN received from participating:


Scholle IPN is a B2B OEM that is not typically exposed to the public, so participation in Amerimold’s premier Sourcing Fair provided national advertising that showcased the business as a global leader in flexible packaging. With multiple manufacturing facilities across North America, we are always looking to add support for our injection mold fleet who can manufacture “new” molds and maintain existing tooling for our core products. Amerimold’s Sourcing Fair gave us a platform to visit with 16 world-class tool shops during the two-day event, several of which I am currently vetting. What an incredible time-saver in our search for tooling support! It would have taken 3 months of travel to speak with these businesses on my own. Thank you Amerimold for this opportunity to be part of your first-ever Sourcing Fair. A definite success for Scholle IPN!”


Registrants and exhibitors at Amerimold can access 2020 meeting schedules of participating companies using MapYourShow.com. By accessing the My Show Planner tool, you can search for the exhibiting company and schedule time by selecting one of the available time slots listed on the company’s exhibitor page.

Representatives from all companies will be on hand throughout the week and available for conversations outside of the designated meeting times as well.

For more details on the Sourcing Fair, or to view the specifications sheets for each participating company, visit amerimoldexpo.com/sourcingfair.

Registration for Amerimold is currently open and available to anyone wanting to participate in the newly announced Sourcing Fair, or any of the other special features available at North America’s largest moldmaking tradeshow. Event registration details are available at amerimoldexpo.com.

For more information, contact Anne Von Moll, Registration Manager, at 513-527-8800 or info@amerimoldexpo.com.

About Amerimold: Amerimold is North America’s premier event for mold manufacturing. Presented by Gardner Business Media, in partnership with MoldMaking Technology, Plastics Technology and Modern Machine Shop, Amerimold connects global and domestic technology leaders involved in all aspects of mold manufacturing. www.amerimoldexpo.com