Amerimold 2019: Winning Booth Etiquette for Exhibitors

How to attract trade show attendees more effectively by using proper booth etiquette.
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Last week, I blogged about “booth bling,” and how the appearance of one’s booth can make a difference to trade show attendees walking past it. If you missed it, you can find it here. Today, I would like to share some tips for honing your booth etiquette. In other words, following are some do’s and don’ts for exhibitors when manning a booth at Amerimold or any trade event.


Don’t Turn Attendees Off

A big turnoff for attendees is walking past a booth and seeing its company’s representatives more involved with themselves than the show. Nothing can make a potential customer keep walking by than feeling unimportant or unwelcome.

Nothing can make a potential customer keep walking by than feeling unimportant or unwelcome.

Instead, set some standards for your team that will help “turn on” show attendees to whatever it is you are selling. These standards should at minimum include:

  • Staying alert and on your feet. No team member in the booth should be sitting down. It gives the impression that you are uninterested in engaging with anyone, or that you just don’t care about making a sale. Chairs in a booth should be for meeting with customers who would like to take a load off while they chat with you.
  • Wearing a smile. Appearing friendly and open to a hello and conversation will always win over a bored or scowling expression.
  • Never leaving the booth unattended. It goes without saying that you will not make a good impression, nor will you make a sale. Companies should always send at least two people to attend a booth (more if you have a larger booth than a 10 x 10) so that while one is away taking a call or a break, the other is available.
  • Don’t eat in the booth. Okay, I know I said don’t leave the booth unattended but eating in the booth is just not done. Therefore, exhibitors should always have at least two employees working a show. You have spent good money to be there, right? Don’t skimp on team members being there, and don’t let anyone see you eating lunch or breakfast in the booth. You can keep a few snacks on hand (nothing messy!), but it is best to eat those outside the booth as well. Drinks are okay in the booth if you can keep them concealed. Water is best, and everyone understands that when you are talking with people all day it is important to stay hydrated.
  • Do not get caught on your cell phone or laptop in your booth. It is rather rude and distracting when an exhibitor is paying more attention to electronic devices than customers. If you are expecting an important call, be prepared to step out of the booth when it comes. If you must make an important call, step out of the booth to do it (making sure the booth is still being manned by a colleague). Communications to and from friends and family should wait until breaktime or after the show closes, unless it is an emergency, of course. Put your smart devices away while in the booth.

These steps for better booth etiquette will help exhibitors capture many more leads than if they are not taken. It should never be assumed that just because a show attendee is looking for products or services you sell, they will stop by to see you. If you look bored, preoccupied or otherwise engaged on your cell phone or other device, they will move on to your competitor’s booth. So stay engaged, give them a winning smile – maybe step out in front of your booth to greet them, and have a great Amerimold!