Amerimold 2019 Update: What You Should Know about Additive Manufacturing for Conformal Cooling

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Additive manufacturing and 3D printing are hot topics in molding and mold manufacturing that are often misunderstood. This panel discussion will present in detail the different AM technologies available today, their advantages and disadvantages, and specific ways to implement these technologies without issue. In particular, panelists will share some common challenges moldmakers and molders face with both conventionally-cooled and conformally-cooled mold components as related to water systems at injection molding facilities. Understanding the impact of a water system on molding performance and maintenance of AM-manufactured components is critical to consistent performance over time. Panelists will also cover current material choices for AM components, tool steels, standards used in AM, upfront application engineering tools, and methods for interpreting analysis results when considering AM-manufactured components for your next molding application.

Moderated By: Rich Oles, President, ALBA

- Mike Tabbert, Proper Group

- John Tenbusch, Linear AMS 
- Rainer Westhoff, Managing Director, Contura
- Will Sames, HTS International

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