Amerimold 2019 Update: What You Should Know about a Mold Builder’s Role in IMD Work

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In-mold decorating (IMD) significantly compounds the many intricacies of the injection molding process by adding complexity and time to the build, qualify and run phases of the project. A mold shop plays a critical role in the success of any IMD project. This presentation will review the various challenges a tool shop must consider before and during IMD. For example, how will the location of the in-mold film determine the gating location? Which method for film placement and control is the most robust (static charge, vacuum or steel feature)? What kind of impact does the IMD process have on the price of the injection mold? Are there any general best practices for IMD mold design? Are any special steel surfacing/finishing techniques required about the film? Is there a limitation to the number of cavities in the production mold? Can process/molding simulation technologies be used to help ensure success?


John Berg,  Director of Marketing, Sussex IM

- Angelo Morra, Business Development Director,  StackTeck


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