Amerimold 2019: More Than Buying and Selling

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Amerimold has always been an opportune time for buyers and sellers to connect, but it has grown to be much more than that. I touched on some of that in my blog last week, which you can catch here, but I’d like to take it a step further. 

Amerimold is about relationship building. For a lot of us Amerimold “veterans,” it is like “old home week” because we are reconnecting with industry friends and colleagues who we have known for years. Still, there is room to further build those bonds and learn more about the people who are passionate about this industry. Jobs change, roles change. We can all learn something new every time we meet.

In addition to enhancing established relationships, there is, of course, the opportunity to meet and make new contacts. There are always new exhibitors and new attendees at Amerimold and it is up to us veterans to welcome them and get to know them. For example, eNetDNC, a provider of smart manufacturing software and hardware, is a new exhibitor this year. Attendees on the market for machine monitoring software should add eNet to their Map Your Show exhibitor favorites!

More relationship building can be done during some of the special programs that are scheduled at Amerimold. One of them is the 30 Under 30 Happy Hour, which will be held in the MoldMaking Technology booth (#314) on the show floor at 4:30 pm on Wednesday, June 12th. Exhibitors and attendees alike should encourage their young team members to attend Amerimold and learn all they can about the industry and then take the opportunity to discuss what they learned with their peers. There is no time like the present to get young employees involved beyond the shop floor. They are our future leaders!

There are still more relationship-building opportunities to be had at Amerimold, including the new Amerimold Sourcing Fair, where OEMs, mold builders and molders can connect for new business opportunities. Meet representatives from Toyota, Scholle IPN and Otter Products, each on the hunt for new, North American vendors. MMT Editorial Director Christina Fuges blogged about it yesterday, so if it was missed, check it out here. The MMT team hopes it will be the first of many annual sourcing fairs to come. 

Amerimold will be whatever you make it, so decide now that it will be epic. Take a moment to register for Amerimold, then check out the schedule and even more programs and events where relationship building can be the start of some great business connections, friendships and memories. See you there!