Amerimold 2019: Attendees Will Benefit from Educational In-Booth Demos

Amerimold presents in-booth demonstrations of 3D printing, machining, hot runners, mold maintenance, molding, and more.


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Amerimold attendees may not know where to begin taking in all of the featured programs and exhibitors when they step onto the show floor this year. In addition to the ever-popular Tech 
Talk Theater programs, there are also six in-booth demonstrations scheduled that are not to be missed. Here’s the lineup:

Thursday, June 12

  • A New Era of Functional Color 3D Prototyping and Production
    • 11 – 11:30 a.m. in booth 300


Get a look at HP’s latest 3D printer - the HP Jet Fusion 500/300 Series - designed to overcome existing color 3D printing challenges and open up innovation for small- to medium-sized product development teams and design businesses, universities and research institutions. Learn about how color 3D applications are enabled with a 3D printing system that allows the production of functional parts in full color - with voxel control - in a fraction of the time.

Speaker: Barbara Arnold-Feret, Additive Manufacturing Specialist, HP


  • The Fundamentals of FIM
    • 1:30 – 2 p.m. in booth 728

ALBA Enterprises is introducing the mold making industry to the FIM (Freeform Injection Molding) process. We will host multiple live demo’s at scheduled times in our booth throughout the show. This new technology has created an industry segment within AM, Mold making and plastic injection molding. FIM allows a proven injection molding process to be combined with freedom of part design. No more considering how to tool the  part.  Come see for yourself.  

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  • Tool Shop Live! Elements of a New Age Repair Shop
    • 3 – 4 p.m. in booth MS9 (back of exhibit hall)

Just as important as creating a solid maintenance plan for molds, is the shop in which the repair takes place. In this Tool Shop Live Demo, Steve Johnson of MoldTrax presents an overview of a successful toolroom setup that includes a variety of essential bench and cleaning equipment on the market today followed by some Q&A about proper shop layout. Each of the nine Toolroom Live Technology Partners will then take the floor to demonstrate their specific products and systems, and to answer any questions. Attendees can enjoy a cold beer while watching these equipment demonstrations.

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Friday, June 13

  • On-Machine Measurement Technology for Standardized Moldmaking
    • 10:30 – 11 a.m. in booth 613

For parts quality control, the inspection process is normally performed off the machine which means interruption of the continuous production process. The part must unclamped from the machine, moved to a CMM & inspected. If the part is out of tolerance and needs additional machining, it must be re-clamped in the precise location and machined again. This requires time and risk that the part is reclamped into the same location. Jingdiao’s online measurement and intelligent modification technology (OMIM) eliminates this machining interruption by measuring the parts on the machine. Combined with our SurfMill CAD/CAM software, the operator can measure the parts on the machine and immediately see a graph which shows which areas are or not in tolerance and if needed, machine the part into tolerance. Jingdiao’s OMIM helps the operator inspect the parts on the machine resulting in a smooth production process without any interruptions.


  • One Machine, One Process
    • 11:30 – noon in booth 411


Matsuura’s Hybrid additive/subtractive machining produces highly accurate parts from metal powders that are melted and sintered using a laser while surfaces are precisely milled at high speeds. This technology allows the ability to "grow" a metal component in layers with complex internal features and fine mill those internal features, as the layers are added, to give a perfect surface finish are what makes the LUMEX Series such a distinctive, unique and remarkable production platform and machine tool.

The hybrid technology is a proven solution for moldmakers. In most cases, the proper implementation of the hybrid technology in a mold component will eliminate the need for EDM. This in and of itself is a large time saver in the mold build process. Many components can be completely machined in the hybrid machine, there is an elimination of queue times to get other work completed on a component, typically reducing overall mold build time.

The benefit to the owner of the mold is clear: improved cycle times, sometimes as much as 50 percent using conformal cooling, and improved part yields and initial part quality by utilizing the variable porosity capabilities of the powder bed fusion process to assist in the venting of mold gases in the flow front.


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  • Misdiagnosed Electrical Issues with Hot Runner Systems
    • 1:30 – 2 p.m. in booth 1023

The temperature of hot runner systems is controlled by a series of heaters and thermocouples that are designed to work in conjunction with the temperature controller to keep the system at the desired temperature. Misdiagnosing temperature control issues caused by defective or incorrectly wired components can make finding root cause and solving the problem difficult and time consuming.

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Register today to attend Amerimold and reap the benefits of new products, services and overall technology advancements geared to the moldmaking industry. Look for next week’s blog with highlights of the demonstrations from the show floor.