Amerimold 2019: A Few Leadtime Leader Memories

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Congratulations, X-Cell Tool and Mold of Fairview, Pennsylvania, for being named MoldMaking Technology Magazine’s 2019 Leadtime Leader shop!

If there is one thing at Amerimold that our editorial team looks forward to each year, it is announcing the new Leadtime Leader winner. Lately, the competition has been fierce, with several entries received from top-notch moldmakers. But our judging panel, which is made up of individuals from companies that would purchase molds, voted X-Cell Tool as its first choice. 

As soon as we received the deciding votes, we were off to visit X-Cell Tool and get a first-hand look at what makes this company so notable. We spent two days with their team, taking video and photographs, getting to know the people and gathering the information that would help formulate our June MMT cover story. It was a wonderful visit that also helped us produce a special Leadtime Leader video for X-Cell.

Part of the fun of winning Leadtime Leader honors is celebrating with one’s peers and team members at Amerimold. Here are some highlights.