Amerimold 2013: THE Marketplace for Ideas


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If you are in the business of making molds, or if your customers make molds, or if you ever purchase molds from a mold shop, then sooner or later you are also going to need some ideas. Perhaps you already know this. You might have already needed an idea or two just today. Or maybe it was yesterday or last week. You might even still need an idea right this minute. If you think about it, you will realize that it is impossible to run successfully a technology-driven business in a highly-competitive marketplace without an abundant supply of fresh ideas flowing into your shop on a steady basis.

And that is the main reason why the amerimold 2013 expo and conference, that will be held next week in Rosemont IL, even exists. So that people who are in the business of buying, selling, designing, repairing, or using molds can exchange ideas. Many of these ideas will take the shape of a piece of equipment, or a software package, or some kind of service. Even more ideas will be presented in conference rooms. And a great many ideas will likely be exchanged right in the aisles on the show floor.

Some ideas you can come looking for, but many of the best ones will be a pleasant surprise. Either way, you can easily get more than your money's worth if you are so inclined.

I am always surprised when I encounter people in the mold business who don't attend the amerimold show on a regular basis. The standard excuse is that they are too busy. They don't have time to attend a tradeshow or a conference. But as I said before, the mold business is technologically complex and extremely competitive. The decision not to attend this show strikes me as similar to a person who makes his living in the NFL not attending, or at least watching, the Super Bowl. My bet is that any person who ever hopes to participate in a Super Bowl pays very close attention to those games.

The same is true for the mold business. To compete successfully you must be a devoted student of all of the new ideas that are constantly being brought to the marketplace. The amerimold show is the perfect place to engage a large number of new ideas in a very cost-effective manner.

I look forward to seeing you there.

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