AMBA Names Mold Builder of the Year

In addition to successfully growing his business, Tim Bartz is actively working to address the skills shortage and to support wounded veterans.


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Tim and Kim Bartz accept the AMBA "Mold Builder of the Year" award. (Photo courtesy of Creative Technology Corp.)

Although I reported on the American Mold Builders Association (AMBA) annual conference a few weeks ago, that blog post didn’t cover everything about the event, hosted May 6-8 in Indianapolis. Given that this publication is all about celebrating mold manufacturing, I thought the awarding of the organization’s “Mold Builder of the Year” title deserved its own space.  

This year, the honor went to Tim Bartz, president of Mold Craft. Since taking the reins at the Minneapolis shop alongside business partner Justin McPhee in 2007, Bartz has been instrumental in driving growth. He’s also heavily involved in addressing the skills shortage, and he and his wife, Kim, founded iWarriors, a project to support wounded veterans with iPad donations. (Read the full report on what led to Bartz's selection as the 2015 Mold Builder of the Year.)

The criteria above aren’t all that stands out about Bartz. For one, he supports this magazine as a member of our editorial advisory board, a fitting role given his aforementioned focus on education (here's an article he wrote for us on effective marketing). Moreover, I have no doubt that much of the aforementioned business growth is a result of careful planning. After all, Mold Craft’s strategies for dramatically improving its quote-capture rate by focusing on just the right customers and just the right work was the subject of an in-depth feature article we ran last year.